Hangloose Adventure Eden Project FAQs

2022 Opening Times

January 1st to February 18th:  Closed

February 19th to 27th: Daily 10am – 4pm

February 28th to March 27th: Weekends only 10am – 4pm

April 2nd to November 1st 2022: Daily 10am – 6pm

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (18+) on site

Activity Restrictions

Min. age: 8 years
Min. weight: 35kg  / 5 Stone 7lb
Max weight: 120kg  / 18 Stone 12lb

Min. age: 8 years
Min. weight: 45kg  / 7 Stone 1lb
Max weight: 120kg  / 18 Stone 12lb
Gravity Min. age: 8 years
Min. weight: 25kg / 3 Stone 13lb
Max weight: 120kg  / 18 Stone 12lb 
Total max. weight 250kg
Note: max of 3 people on this ride at any one time
The Drop Min. age: 8 years
Min. weight: 25kg / 3 Stone 13lb
Max. weight: 120kg / 18 Stone 12lb
Skytrek Min. age: 8 years
Min. weight: 30kg / 4 Stone 10lb
Max weight: 120kg  / 18 Stone 12lb
Note: under 12s need to be accompanied by an adult
Big Air

Min. age: 8 years
Min. weight: 25kg / 3 Stone 13lb
Max. weight 120kg / 18 Stone 12lb
Note: you must be 18+ to jump from the top platform

  • Yes. You will always need to book at least 24 hours in advance to guarantee you time slot. If you walk in on the day we may be able to get you in however, there may be a long wait for this.
  • No. You will not need to pay to enter the Eden Project. We are a separate company but just share the same carparks here at the Eden site.

It is the responsibility of all participants to ensure that they are dressed appropriately, and wear clothing suitable for the weather conditions and the activities, and that they do not mind getting damaged.


The following restrictions apply:
To prevent harnesses having contact with the skin and causing chaffing:

  • Trousers or knee length shorts must be worn
  • Tops must cover your shoulders – No crop, strappy, vest or tank tops
  • Footwear must be closed-toe, flat design and secured appropriately – No sandals, flip flops, high heels, slip ons etc.

Items of clothing will be available on the day to purchase if you have not adhered to our restrictions.

All pockets must be emptied, including zip, button up or hidden pockets. We provide lockers to store bags and loose items; however, we take no responsibility for the safety or security of your possessions.

  • We’re very happy for you to use your own GoPro camera equipment, however we do have certain restrictions in place.
  • Poles, wrist straps and hand held mounts are not allowed.
  • Cameras must be secured with the appropriate screw fixing and checked by an instructor before you participate in any of our activities.
  • Head straps and chest mounts are permitted (see images below) on the condition that they do not interfere with essential safety equipment. This will be determined at the time by the instructors.

  • Yes, in fact we encourage it.
  • We have plenty of facilities for those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, including a coffee shop, indoor and outdoor seating and restroom facilities.
  • Our spectator areas are located on site next to the SkyWire landing zone.
  • Ask them to bring a camera, it’s the perfect shot!
  • Yes. Members of the armed forces, NHS, Students and Emergency workers get 15% off.
  • You will need to send your Blue Light Card /Student Discount to info@hanglooseadventure.com and a member of the Customer Service Team will respond with a discount code for you to use online.
  • Keep an eye out on our social media for any promotional discounts throughout the year.
  • After all that adrenaline we’re pretty sure a caffeine fix will be high up on your list of things to do next.
  • Located at our main entrance right in the centre of all the action, Hangloose Snack Shack is open throughout the summer season serving our signature Hangloose paninis, mini pizzas and ice-cream. 
  • We also have a ‘serve yourself’ contactless payment coffee machine, so you can wrap your hands around a warm brew during those colder days.
  • We’ve got indoor and outdoor seating so you can relax whatever the weather, and you’re welcome to bring a packed lunch and enjoy the view.
  • As we are an outdoor adventure centre, Hangloose Adventure operates in all weather conditions except for extremely high winds or thunderstorms so please come prepared for wet weather.
  • In the rare instance that activities are cancelled by Hangloose Adventure Eden due to exceptional weather conditions, every effort will be made to contact those that have pre-booked in advance. In these cases we will offer you an alternative activity, the chance to re-schedule or a full refund.
  • We want as many people as possible to create their own Hangloose Adventure. >> Please be aware that our activities are adventurous and do require a certain amount of physical fitness and ability.
  • We constantly try to improve our facility for everybody – please find accessibility information HERE
  • For example, the only way to currently reach the SkyWire departures platform is by climbing three flights of stairs.
  • We hope to improve this in the near future, in the meantime to discuss your requirements in confidence with an instructor please contact us. 
  • We are happy for children to participate in our activities alone as long as a parent or guardian over 18 years of age is present on site for the duration of their activities.
  • The only exception to this is the Skytrek which requires any child under the age of 12 to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Not a problem!
  • If you are planning to pre-book please ensure you separate your chosen time slots by one hour to ensure enough time for a smooth handover.
  • If you plan to pay on the day, please discuss this with an instructor and they can advise you on the best way to continue.
  • Our instructors are very reassuring and will do their best to make your experience with us a pleasant one, however we do understand that our activities can be a challenge, even for the bravest of visitors.
  • Should you change your mind about participating we will give you the opportunity move your booking, transfer to someone else, or move your booking to our other site free of charge, but you will not receive any refund for not completing the activity.

For Skywire you may have have to wait past your allocated time due to unforeseen circumstances such as; weather conditions, nervous flyers and other reasons.

If your booking is changed/cancelled by Hangloose Adventure due to the weather or for any other reason, we will offer you an alternative activity, the chance to re-schedule or a full refund. 

Up to 7 days before the date of your activity you can postpone your booking, free of charge, move to another date or book our other site. You can also cancel an existing booking and receive a full refund, minus the booking fee*. 

Less than 7 days and up to 24 hours before your activity, you can move the activity date, subject to availability, free of charge, or change to our other site. If you cancel your booking this will incur a £5 administration charge plus your non-refundable booking fee. Any requests to move or cancel must be made by telephoning the booking line: Eden 01726 812724 or Bluewater 01285 640600.

Within 24 hours of your activity date, if Hangloose Adventure is operational, you will not be able to change your activity, postpone, move your booking, transfer to someone else, or move your booking to our other site and you will not receive any refund for cancelling.

If you have checked-in and used your time slot, but do not complete your activity (for example; you do not complete the Skywire despite reaching the dispatch tower), we will give you the opportunity move your booking, transfer to someone else, or move your booking to our other site free of charge, but you will not receive any refund for not completing the activity.

If you arrive at Hangloose Adventure and have not adhered to our Terms & Conditions that you would have agreed to when you purchased your activity, meaning you’re unable to participate (example: not wearing the correct clothing or do not meet the required age or weight limits), we will offer you an alternative activity, the opportunity to postpone or move your booking, to transfer to someone else or use our other site. A refund will not be given.

*currently £2.00