For those looking for the thrill of free falling from high, why not jump into our big air bag! Soaring through the sky, you release your inner stunt artist! Jump off increasingly high platforms onto a giant air bag and feel that soft landing in front of an adoring crowd.

Big Air is about airborne adventure with friends or family for some friendly competition on who can jump higher. Big Air is a fun, adrenaline centred activity made for all. Choose your personal level of height and have fun! You certainly won’t have the chance to freefall from this high ever again in your life!

12 Month Expiry

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We give you 12 months to plan your adventure!

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If you ever wanted to do a big airbag jump, then get over here! You’ll start off on the lowest level “to get your eye in” and most people think it’s pretty straight forward but just follow along with what our expert instructors are teaching you.

When our instructors feel confident in your technique, and you can safely take those leaps of faith, well… higher levels await you next! We have an activity Voucher for every occasion!


Who is it Great for?

Hangloose bluewater has so much adrenaline to offer, and the Big Air is certainly high on the list. This experience voucher offers a once in a lifetime freefall jump, no harness and no parachute needed. Ready for any thrill seekers who dare to jump.

However, we do say Big Air really is for everyone. As long as you have some courage and the drive to feel the fear and do it anyway, then this is perfect for you! Our vouchers let you gift the activity to someone in your life, redeemable for up to 12 months, giving them plenty of time to get their act together!

Minimum age: 8yrs   Minimum Weight: 25kg   Maximum Weight: 120kg

Minimum age: 8yrs
Minimum Weight: 25kg
Maximum Weight: 120kg


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Hangloose Adventure in Kent is home to England’s Longest Zipline, Europe’s Biggest Swing, the UK’s only Outdoor Skydive Machine and the best Treetop Adventure Course. Hangloose Bluewater gift vouchers are available, and there’s even more savings with our activity packages too! Shop now.


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