Big Air - Giant Airbag at Hangloose Adventure Eden

Big Air – Release your inner stunt artist! Jump of increasingly high platforms onto a giant air bag!

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What to expect...

It’s just one step, but it’s harder than it looks. If you’ve ever wanted to do a giant airbag jump then get over to Hangloose in Cornwall.

You’ll start off on the lowest level to “get your eye in” and most people think it’s pretty straightforward – it’s here you will get your jumping technique right. When our instructors are happy that you can jump safely they’ll take you to the next level.

You’ll probably think this is a bit higher than it looks from down below – particularly when you are standing at the edge about to take a leap – go for it!

And then up another level. And it’s here the collywobbles kick in!

Awesome day out! …Jumping off those platforms onto the air bag takes guts! Georgina – Tripadvisor review

Amazing rides, good prices and super friendly staff! …Not to mention they let me go on the airbag 4-5 times, instead of just once! If there’s an ounce of an adrenaline junkie in you, and you’re in the area, go to this place. Mark – Tripadvisor review

We did the ‘adrenaline junkies’ package – SkyWire, Big Drop, Air Bag and Big Swing. We had a fantastic time, awesome activities and were looked after really well by the great staff. Claire – Tripadvisor review

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All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (18 ) on-site




Min. age: 8 years
Min. weight: 35kg / 5 Stone 7lb
(Please note that the minimum weight can be raised at any time for safety reasons)
Max. weight: 120kg /18 Stone 9lb
(Please note that the maximum weight can be reduced at any time for safety reasons)


Min. age: 8 years
Min. weight: 25kg / 3 Stone 13lb
Max. weight: 120kg / 18 Stone 9lb
Total max. weight 250kg
Note: max of 3 people on this ride at any one time

The Drop

Min. age: 8 years
Min. weight: 25kg  /  3 Stone 13lb
Max. weight: 120kg /18 Stone 9lb


Min. age: 8 years
Min. weight: 30kg / 4 Stone 10lb
Max. weight: 120kg / 18 Stone 9lb
Note: Under 12s need to be accompanied by an adult

Big Air

Min. age: 8 years
Min. weight: 25kg / 3 Stone 13lb
Max. weight 120kg / 18 Stone 9lb
Note: you must be 18 to jump from the top platform


Min. age: 4 years
Max. age: 14 years
Min. weight: 15kg
Max. weight 120kg /18 Stone 9lb

“This place is incredible!! The facilities are outstanding, the activities (we did Skywire, Gravity and Big Drop) are immense but most of all the staff make the whole experience an exceptional one.

“From booking through to instruction on the day, the staff are the most professional and fun I have come across at any UK activity venue.

“I cannot recommend Hangloose highly enough for a safe and fun adrenaline fuelled day. If you are down this way, whatever the weather, Hangloose is a great day out. We have already booked again for next year!”

Trevor S. from Tripadvisor

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